Navigate Global Risks Confidently with Rubix Business Information Reports

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Navigating the intricate landscape of international business demands more than just intuition—it requires insight. At Rubix, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner in understanding the financial health of your global counterparties.

Rubix Business Information Reports, powered by the collaboration of premier information providers worldwide, deliver accurate and insightful credit reports on entities in over 200 countries. It is no surprise that Export Credit Agencies, Credit Insurance Companies, Banks, NBFCs, Corporates, eCommerce Platforms and Law Firms rely on Rubix to assess the risk of businesses globally.

Our Business Information Reports provide a vital snapshot of your partners’ identity, management antecedents, financial standing, ownership structure, exports and imports and media information. The Business Information Reports about your counterparties contain their Rubix Risk Scores that help you assess the financial risk of these entities. The Rubix Risk Scores are finely calibrated, widely accepted credit risk appraisal metrics using which the risk of entities in different countries can be measured on a uniform scale. The Rubix Risk Score range is from 0 (Highest Risk) to 100 (Lowest Risk).

Trust Rubix for the credit and supplier risk insights that you need about your international counterparties. We help you manage the risks as you go global!

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