Rubix Comprehensive Report

At Rubix, we believe that sharing Knowledge and providing Actionable Insights are key to helping our customers manage risk and grow their businesses profitably.

The Rubix Research Team produces a steady stream of research reports that focus on the myriad risks faced by businesses in the current environment.

We are happy to make these research reports available here and hope that you find them useful. If you have any feedback or query, please email us

Rubix Industry and Country Insights

The Rubix Industry Insights report will provide a sectoral overview focusing on the market size, international trade scenario, key drivers, opportunities and challenges of a specific sector in India. It will also provide details of mergers & acquisitions in the sector and also the latest initiatives of major industry players.

Rubix Quarterly Risk Transition Report

At the end of each quarter of the Indian financial year (April to March), Rubix compares the data of how Indian companies/ firms in its monitoring portfolio have performed versus the prior quarter, from a statutory compliance (GST, Provident Fund) and external credit rating perspective.

The purpose of this exercise is to see if the business entities being monitored show any deterioration or improvement from a statutory compliance or external credit rating perspective. Suffice to say, a deterioration in any of these parameters for the business entities should raise red-flags and serve as early warning signals for those monitoring the portfolio.

The findings for each quarter are published in the Rubix Quarterly Risk Transition Report.

White Papers

Rubix White Papers aim to distill the knowledge of experienced business leaders so as to provide readers with expert insights on critical issues, facilitating informed decision-making.

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