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ARMS Platform - Rubix
Rubix Automated Risk Management & Monitoring System (ARMS) is our next generation business intelligence platform that allows you to assess and monitor risk of your business partners at an individual company and portfolio level.

– Rubix Data(multi-source, structured & unstructured) about your business partners is automatically ingested and pooled to provide near real time data coverage about them

– Pre-defined Risk Analytics which provides a set of analytical outputs about your business partners’ Risk in the form of scores, indices and estimations. These forewarn you about the potential riskiness of a customer, distributor, dealer or supplier. Illustrative scores are credit risk score, business continuity risk score, compliance risk score, key-man risk score etc.

– Flexible workflows that can be easily embedded into your Company’s business processes

– Adaptive Intelligence helps the Rubix ARMS platform learn actively while processing data to improve accuracy of Risk scores and enhance efficiency

– Powerful visualization through interactive dashboards, graphical data depiction and reporting frames that allow you to flag critical issues quickly and clearly.

– Rubix ARMS helps you consolidate the intelligence of all your business partners (customers, dealers, distributors, franchisees, suppliers etc.) and competitors in one platform. This makes it easy to monitor your entire portfolio of business partners.

– The Rubix ARMS platform assesses the risk of your business partners and assigns them Risk Scores using Rubix’s proprietary algorithms that have been built based on extensive research and experience in different industries and domains. These algorithms allow easy incorporation of client specific factors that make the score truly customized to your needs. You can link your credit limit setting or any other decision metric to the Risk Score that is generated by the platform.

– The platform enables you to consolidate and track the risk of your business partners by Risk Score, geography, business segment and other parameters.

– The business environment is dynamic and so is the riskiness of your business partners. We believe that continuous monitoring is imperative to stay on top of emerging issues. The Rubix ARMS platform provides ongoing updates about your business partners pertaining to their statutory compliance, litigation, financial statement filings etc., and other issues that have a bearing on their risk.

– The Rubix ARMS platform is built for User-defined reporting. The platform allows you to decide the depth of the risk assessment that you would want carried out on a business partner. You can choose from three product variants i.e., Quick Check, Business Check and Comprehensive Business Check. These product variants cover different types of checks i.e., Identity, statutory compliance, credit, legal, financial, media, on-field etc.

You can also opt for services such as Risk Scoring, Credit Limit setting etc., on the Rubix ARMS platform.

– The Rubix ARMS platform can be integrated with your ERP, Core-banking, CRM or any other application for seamless information flow and decision making.


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