Outsource your B2B Debt Collection to Rubix & focus on your core business

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Efficient B2B Debt Collection

So, you’ve clinched the deal by offering good credit terms to your customer. Nicely done! But what happens when payments get delayed? Cash flow constraints, strained relationships, and missed growth opportunities are commonplace in today’s world.

💰 Here’s the scoop: closing the sale and supplying the goods/ services is just the beginning. You need a robust B2B collection plan to ensure that your accounts receivable are collected in time and your cash flow is managed well.

At Rubix Data Sciences, we get it. We know that behind every successful business is an effective accounts receivable collection process.

Outsource your B2B Debt Collection to Rubix and focus on your core business.

Here’s why our approach is the game-changer you’ve been looking for:

🛠️ Collection Analytics: Rubix analyses collection data, recognises payment patterns, and identifies at-risk customers. We predict, segment and prioritise collections.

🔍 Proactive and Professional Collections: Clear collection policies and processes, timely, professional and regular communication with customers, and early intervention help us resolve issues amicably.

🔍 Large Network: Rubix works with a large network of field collection teams for the necessary on-ground efforts that are required to collect trade debts

🖥️ Technology Optimisation: A digitised workflow helps us streamline the collections process, making it both efficient and cost-effective. You no longer need multiple team members to chase payments; Rubix does it for you.

🖥️ Legal Tie-Ups: Rubix has relationships with prominent legal firms to ensure that timely and appropriate action can be taken by you to recover sticky debts. Legal action is recommended only when all other amicable collection efforts do not yield results.

At Rubix, we recognise that you need to nurture your customer relationships even while collecting payments from them. Hence, we handle your trade debt collection professionally, leaving you free to grow your business relationships.

Sounds interesting? Please reach out to us at info@rubixds.com or call us at +91-22-4974 4274.

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