Beyond One Size Fits All: Rubix ARMS provides custom credit risk modelling

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Beyond One Size Fits All: Rubix ARMS provides custom credit risk modelling

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, every industry faces unique risk factors that must be carefully managed. 🌐⚙️ Off-the-shelf risk models? They often miss the unique beats of specific sectors. That’s where the Rubix Automated Risk Management and Monitoring System (Rubix ARMS) Platform redefines the game!💡

🏢 Tailored Risk Models Delivering Precision: With a few clicks, Rubix ARMS lets you adapt our risk models to your industry, partner types, and risk appetite. 📈✨ It’s like a bespoke suit for your business without the time and expense! From seasonality to individual needs, every nuance is factored in, enhancing the accuracy of credit risk models. 🕵️‍♀️🎯

🔍 Automated Scoring, Smart Credit Limits: Once the model is in motion, Rubix ARMS assigns risk scores and recommends credit limits like a pro DJ spinning hits. 🎵📊 Rubix Risk Scores highlight the party’s risk profile, and the credit limit algorithm recommends credit limits based on your risk appetite. Music to your ears?? 🎶📏

🤖 Fewer Hands, More Confidence: Here’s the magic: Rubix ARMS automates credit limit setting, reducing the need for human intervention and eliminating the perennial conflict between the Sales and Credit teams. 🤖🤝 With Risk Scoring and Credit Limit recommendations on autopilot, errors take a backseat. The result? A seamless credit workflow that fuses efficiency with accuracy. 🚀🎩

⚖️ Control On Credit, Risk Mitigated: Rubix ARMS transforms the credit workflow—any deviations from recommended credit limits? You need to get higher-level approvals for enhanced credit, giving you tighter control. 🛡️💼 It’s like having a vigilant bouncer at your credit party, ensuring only the right partners enter the dance floor.

🔗 Data Meets Destiny: Rubix ARMS is driven by data, tech, and analytics. With risk models for each sector, automated risk scoring, and smart credit limit suggestions, it empowers businesses to grow, strengthen distribution and supply chains, and ensure that you work with compliant counterparties.

🌟 Elevate your B2B Risk decisions with Rubix ARMS.

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