Stuck in KYC Gridlock? Switch Lanes to Video KYC

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Is your current KYC process stuck in the slow lane, clogged with paperwork, manual processes and delays? There’s a better way to onboard new customers, distributors, dealers and suppliers quickly and securely.

Rubix Data Sciences offers a cutting-edge Video KYC solution that revolutionises your onboarding experience. Here’s how it can transform your business:

  • Effortless Onboarding: Ditch the endless forms and say goodbye to human error. Video KYC is based on a digital, streamlined process that minimises paperwork and ensures accuracy. Get your counterparties on board faster and smoother!
  • Cost Savings & Efficiency Boost: Eliminate the need for costly, time-consuming physical visits for identify verification that were part of the traditional KYC process . Video KYC allows you to onboard counterparties anytime, anywhere, with just an Internet connection. This translates to significant time and cost savings and a major boost in operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced Security & Fraud Prevention: Combat fraud with advanced security features built into Rubix’s Video KYC solution. Liveness checks ensure you’re interacting with a real person, while on-the-fly document verification against statutory databases guarantees the legitimacy of their credentials. Onboard counterparties with complete confidence, knowing you’re dealing with entities whose identity is verified.
  • Improved Onboarding Experience for Counterparties: Provide a frictionless and convenient onboarding experience for your counterparties. Video KYC eliminates unnecessary hurdles and makes the process faster and easier. Happy counterparties lead to stronger business relationships – it’s a win-win!

Rubix’s Video KYC Solution: The Complete Package

  • Seamless Integration: Our solution integrates effortlessly with your existing workflows, minimising disruption and maximising efficiency.
  • Global Coverage: Onboard counterparties from anywhere in the world. Our KYC solutions make life easy for businesses with international operations.
  • Unmatched Security and Compliance: Rest assured, Rubix prioritises the highest levels of security and compliance. Our KYC solution adheres to strict data privacy regulations and strong security protocols, keeping your data safe and secure.

Ready to experience the future of KYC?

Rubix offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines onboarding, cuts costs, and enhances security – all while providing a fantastic customer experience. Contact Rubix Data Sciences today and learn how Video KYC can transform your onboarding process!

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Don’t be stuck in the past, get on to the fast lane! Embrace Video KYC and unlock a new era of efficient and secure onboarding.

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