Rubix LEI – Terms And Conditions

General conditions
By accessing this website and using our Validation Agent Services, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions provided herein under. In addition, when using any particular service, you shall be subject to all ‘Guidelines’ and/or ‘Rules’ applicable to such service as amended from time to time by LEI Issuer.

The Validation Agent Services ( is provided by Rubix Data Sciences Private Limited (LEI number 335800M21YX5159IFS05) (Rubix). Rubix Data Sciences Private Limited has been authorised by Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF) as a Validation Agent and to work with Legal Entity Identifier India Ltd (LEIL) to provide services of a Validation Agent to Legal Entities – (

Our contact details are:

Toll free number: 1800-258-4421
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Rubix Data Sciences Private Limited
CIN: U74999MH2017PTC301282
Office at: D – 424, Neelkanth Business Park, Vidyavihar (West), Mumbai 400086, India

    1.1. “Legal Entity Identifier” (LEI) means a unique 20-character alphanumerical identifier (code) of a Legal Entity assigned in compliance with the international standard as notified to create a global reference data system that uniquely identifies every Legal Entity (in any jurisdiction) that is a party to financial transaction.;
    1.2. “Legal Entity” means unique parties that are legally or financially responsible for the performance of financial transactions or have the legal right in their jurisdiction to enter independently into legal contracts, regardless of whether they are incorporated or constituted in some other way (e.g. trust, partnership, contractual;
    1.3. “LE-RD/Legal Entity Reference Data” means the information submitted by the Legal Entity to obtain LEI and published by the LOU with reference to an LEI.
    1.4. “LEIL Rules” means rules of Legal Entity Identifier India Limited as amended from time to time;
    1.5. “LEIL” means Legal Entity Identifier India Ltd. as registered under the Companies Act 2013, operating as the Local Operating Unit (LOU) in India.
    1.6. “LOU” means an entity issuing and renewing LEIs and maintaining LEI Records; also referred to as LEI Issuer
    1.7. “Relationship Data” means data of Direct Parent and /or Ultimate Parent/ Headquartered Office (in case of Branches) or Reporting Exception thereof reported by its Child Entity.
    1.8. “Validation Agent” means a financial institution authorized by GLEIF that assists to obtain and maintain LEIs for their clients in cooperation with accredited LEI Issuer or any other entity as may be approved by GLEIF.
    1.9. “Validation Agent Services” shall mean the services provided by Rubix under these TERMS OF USE and further described below, provided on this website:
    a. An applicant desirous of obtaining a new LEI, renewing an existing LEI or transfer an existing LEI from another LEI Issuer (port-in) through Rubix shall fill in the relevant application form providing all the necessary detail as may be required.
    b. The Applicant may pay for the Validation Agent Services through net banking, bank transfer, credit card or payment gateway
    c. The applicant agrees that while availing services of Rubix they accept the terms and conditions provided herein.
    d. The applicant confirms that the data submitted is correct and that they have full authority to apply for an LEI on behalf of the Legal Entity.
    e. An applicant applying of new LEI, renewal of LEI or transfer of LEI gives all the rights to Rubix to act on behalf of the applicant.
    f. The applicant consents to sharing of their contact detail with LEIL.
    g. A Legal Entity may choose to transfer the responsibility for maintaining the LE-RD associated with the Legal Entity from another LOU to LEIL. As a part of this transfer the ‘transferor’ LOU sends the relevant information to the transferee LOU i.e. LEIL. If an LEI renewal applicant applies to renew an LEI code with Rubix that is not under the management of LEIL, the LEI needs to be transferred to LEIL.
    h. The applicant is aware and agrees to give all rights to Rubix to sign the LEIL Rules on their behalf. The LEIL Rules are available on LEIL’s website (
    i. Rubix will start with the LEI registration process will be initiated only after the applicant has made the payment of applicable fees.
    j. The applicant understands that they may be contacted to supply letter of authorization, Power of attorney, Client Consent Form or any other proof that may be required to establish applicant is authorized to act on behalf and to apply for an LEI on behalf of the Legal Entity. The applicant is aware that in absence of authorization, Rubix shall not proceed with the application.
    k. In the event Legal Entity applying for issue, renewal or transfer of LEI has a Direct and/or Ultimate Parent company, the Legal Entity is required to report parental Relationship Data. If the Legal Entity does not have any parent companies or unable to report Relationship Data while applying for an LEI , the Legal Entity , must report an exception and provide necessary reason(s) for the same.
    l. Rubix has the right to call for additional documents from the applicant for validation of Relationship Data. The applicant is aware that if asked and no such documents are presented Rubix cannot proceed with the application.
    m. The LEI will be provided after the payment has been made. Issuance of LEI takes 1-2 business days. Validating of Relationship Data may take up to 2-3 business days. LEI renewals with transfers may take up to 7 business days. If there are issues with data validation, or in rare cases, the processing times can be longer than usual. Once the process has been completed the applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail with LEI Certificate followed by invoice copy to the e-mail provided at that the time of making LEI application.
    n. Once an LEI has been issued it will be published on GLEIF’s database, LEIL’s website and Rubix’s website.
    o. LEI issued to a Legal Entity remains valid for a period of one year from the date of issue or last LEI Renewal Date.
  3. After being issued an LEI, an entity shall:
    • Periodically verify the continued accuracy of its registration and LEI Reference Data, updating any aspect of the registration and LEI Reference Data that has changed;
    • Periodically renew its LEI registration agreement with Rubix, paying the renewal fee.The LEI status shall be changed to “Lapsed” when a Legal Entity fails to renew and re-certify its LEI registration by the next renewal date and the Legal Entity is not known by public sources to have ceased operations.
    1) Rubix may call for documents to facilitate the renewal process.
    2) The renewal fees shall be payable by the Legal Entity (not applicable in case of multiyear contract – Clause 5. d)
    3) The Legal Entity shall be solely responsible for renewal of LEI within next renewal date as prescribed by Rubix. Any use of “Lapsed” LEI shall be deemed to be without the sanction of Rubix/LEIL.
    4) Rubix/LEIL shall not be responsible for any liability arising out of LEI that has “Lapsed” status. No cause of action shall lie against Rubix/LEIL for use of LEI with a “Lapsed” status.
  4. LEI Certificate
    a. Rubix will email soft copy of the Certificate followed with tax invoice.
  5. Payment and Refund Policy
    a. Payment For Validation Agent Services
    The Legal Entity shall pay fees for Validation Agent Services provided by Rubix i.e. issuance, renewal of LEIs or such other services as may be provided by Rubix from time to time.The applicable schedule of fees shall be communicated by the Rubix either electronically or on the website or by any other suitable means of communication. The fees shall be subject to tax as per the Integrated Goods and Service Tax Act, 2017 and Rule thereof and such other taxes as may be applicable.
    The date of payment of fees shall be the date of credit of amount to Rubix’s bank account. There shall be no fees for transfer of LEIs.b. Refund Policy
    Rubix may refund the fees of the Legal Entity in case it is unable to process the LEI generation request, or it finds that a Legal Entity already has a valid LEI.
    However, if there is a case of fraud, misdemeanor, or material misrepresentation or negligence on the part of the Legal Entity and/or the applicant, or any other reason which in the opinion of Rubix is found to be in violation of any TERMS OF USE or terms and other terms and conditions set forth herein Rubix shall not be obligated to issue any refund. Refund, if already made in good faith in such cases, shall be remitted back by the Legal Entity to Rubix.c. Fee(s) For Lapsed LEIs
    In case of ‘Lapsed’ LEI, the fee for the ‘Lapsed’ period may be recovered from the Legal Entity and such fee shall be as communicated by Rubix from time to time.d. Multi-year contract
    A multi-year contract fees payment option may be provided by Rubix for new issuance / renewal as the case may be, details of which shall be notified on the website of Rubix. Eligible new applicants / existing LEI holders may choose to opt for such multi- year contract fees payment option to make a payment of the applicable fee and taxes as may be applicable for that period (also referred as “term” for the purpose of this clause). The multi-year contract shall be a fixed term fee with a definite end-date. In the event of a delay in submissions arising from or relating to any incomplete / improper document submission of documents / information to Rubix, such act shall not in any manner extend the term or the end date. The multi-year contract fee payment option shall be non-refundable, post acceptance and first processing.Mere payment of such fee for the said term or period shall not constitute any right of auto renewal of LEI. Renewals shall be carried out on submission of the requisite documents / information and resulting annual validations by Rubix. Notwithstanding anything contained herein, or any other part of this agreement, non-submission of any documents/ information for validation / renewal within the prescribed time to Rubix shall result in the status of LEI being lapsed.Where such information / documents are submitted subsequently, resulting in the extension of the validity of LEI beyond the initial date for which term the multi- year fee payment is made, a fee on monthly pro rata basis (at the rate specified by Rubix) shall be paid for such extended term beyond the initial term.The applicant agrees to notify Rubix in case there has been a change in data that cannot be validated from public company registries. Rubix will amend the data accordingly through LEIL .If the applicant has applied for a multiyear renewal of their LEI (e.g. a 5-year LEI) from Rubix and during the prepaid period transfers the LEI to a different service provider, the multiyear contract is automatically cancelled and no refunds shall be issued to the applicant.
  6. Client Consent for LEIs
    To whom it may concern: The applicant authorize Rubix Data Sciences Private Limited (Rubix) and/or persons acting on behalf of Rubix (including its affiliates) to enable applicant to obtain LEIs OR to perform all duties required to apply and maintain LEIs on applicants behalf. The applicant confirm that the undersigned has the authority to empower Rubix to either enable the applicant OR act on behalf of the applicant in obtaining OR applying and maintaining LEI respectively. The applicant agree and acknowledge:
    a. The issuance of a LEI and the maintenance of the Legal Entity Reference Data (LE-RD) is subject to the requirements established by the Global Legal Entity Identifier Foundation (GLEIF).
    b. The applicant will provide the LE-RD to Rubix and the Rubix may provide the LE-RD to a Local Operating Unit (LOU) of the GLEIF, for issuance of the LEI.
    c. The LOU’s terms and conditions for LEI services, as amended from time to time, forms an integral part of this authorization.
    d. GLEIF will publish the LEI and LE-RD on the GLEIF registry, a public website.
    e. Rubix will not be liable if the LE-RD supplied by the applicant (whether during client onboarding or during any updates) is not accurate or up to date.
    f. If there are changes in the LE-RD after the LEI is issued, the applicant will notify Rubix. Rubix will provide updates to the LE-RD to the LOU on applicants behalf and those updates will be reflected on the GLEIF registry. Additionally, Rubix will update the LE-RD in line with normal Know Your Customer (KYC) information refresh cycles or sooner if changes to the LE-RD are available from a public source such as a business registry.
    g. The LE-RD may be challenged by a third-party. In such a case, Rubix may validate the challenge. The challenge may be accepted by Rubix on the applicant behalf and published, corrected and published, or rejected.
    h. Rubix will maintain the LEI for the period during which Rubix maintains an active KYC profile for the entity or is a Validation Agent of the LOU. If Rubix ceases to maintain an active KYC profile or remain a Validation Agent of the LOU, Rubix will also cease maintenance of the LEI and LE-RD. The applicant contact information will be submitted to the LOU so that the applicant may maintain the LEI directly with the LOU.
    i. Rubix may terminate the service set out in this letter at any time. In this case, the applicant contact information will be submitted to the LOU so that the applicant may maintain the LEI directly with the LOU.
  7. Governing law
    These TERMS OF USE, and applicant’s use of the Validation Agent Services, shall in all respects be governed by, and construed and interpreted in accordance with, the laws of India.
  8. Final conditions
    a. The applicant acknowledges that they have read and understood the TERMS OF USE and LEIL Rules and agrees to be bound by the TERMS OF USE and the LEIL Rules. Engaging the services of Rubix constitutes the applicant’s complete agreement with the TERMS OF USE and the LEIL Rules. The LEIL Rules are available at
    b. Any claim by the applicant in relation to the collection, refund, reversal of any fee/amount, including any tax antecedents arising in connection to the Validation Agent Services shall be dealt by Rubix.
    c. The Legal Entity undertakes that they shall be fully responsible for any LEI related activity which is connected to the Legal Entity. LEIL /Rubix shall not liable for losses, damages, liabilities, claims (including third party losses/damages/liabilities/claims) arising from, or in any manner suffered due to any default, wrongful information, unauthorized act or omission, on the part of the Legal Entity, its employees, and/or authorized representatives/service providers.
    d. Any dispute, difference, or grievance which may arise concerning any of the provisions or TERMS OF USE may be communicated to Rubix on the following contact details-
    Toll free number: 1800-258-4421
    Email id-
    e. The applicant agrees that Rubix may modify these TERMS OF USE at any time. Such modifications will be effective immediately. Applicant’s use of the website after the posting of modifications will constitute your acceptance of the TERMS OF USE, as modified.

The current TERMS OF USE can be found on Rubix’s website: