Elevate Your Business Intelligence with Rubix Business Checks!

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Calling all finance professionals and business owners! In the fast-paced world of decision-making, protecting your business from counterparty risks requires information, analytics and insights. Presenting Rubix’s Business Checks—your key to unlocking a 360-degree view of your customers, distributors, dealers, suppliers and vendors. The Rubix Business check provides you with concise information about a business’ identity, management background, financial performance, compliance track record, litigation status, employee and customer feedback, and media mentions. All this information is analysed and presented in the form of a Risk Score and recommended credit limits. The Rubix Business Check helps you make informed risk decisions!!

Why choose Rubix Business Checks?

  • Credit Decisioning: Make informed decisions with valuable insights into a counterparty’s identity, operations, financial track record, creditworthiness, compliance, litigation, management, and reputation. Extend credit, adjust limits, or form new relationships confidently!
  • Supplier Selection: Incorporate Rubix Business Check reports in your supplier selection process to avoid partnering with financially weak suppliers or those with compliance issues. Safeguard your business from potential risks right from the start.
  • Ongoing Risk Management: Assess and monitor risks throughout your business relationships. From the initial engagement to ongoing interactions, adapt your strategy based on the evolving risk profile of your counterparty.
  • Due Diligence Requirements: Comply with due diligence policies required by your bankers or Boards by relying on Rubix Business Check reports. Showcase your commitment to evaluating risks before forming partnerships or extending substantial credit.
  • Ensuring Compliance: Mitigate financial and reputational risks by assessing your counterparty’s compliance with statutory requirements. Stay ahead by avoiding partnerships with entities that default on GST, Provident Fund (PF), or Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) filings.

Therefore, you can trust Rubix Business Checks to empower your organisation to foresee Counterparty risks. Dive deep into your business relationships—choose Rubix to get insights that matter!

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