Assessing Credit, Supplier and Compliance Risks with Rubix Business Check

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To protect your business, it is essential to work with financially sound and compliant customers, distributors, dealers, franchisees, suppliers, and vendors. The Rubix Business Check, our BIR solution, provides the easiest means to obtain all necessary information regarding the creditworthiness and supplier and compliance risk of potential business partners.

Here’s how the Rubix Business Check is an invaluable risk management tool for your organisation:

  1. Credit Decisioning: Rubix Business Check offers provides valuable information about a counterparty’s identity, operations, financial track record, creditworthiness, compliance, litigation, management, and reputation, enabling your organisation to make well-informed business decisions. These decisions may involve extending credit, adjusting credit limits, or entering into new business relationships.
  2. Supplier Selection: Incorporating Rubix Business Check reports into the supplier selection process allows companies to avoid partnering with financially weak suppliers or those with significant compliance issues or legal disputes.
  3. Ongoing Risk Management: Utilising a Rubix Business Check report facilitates the assessment, management, and monitoring of risks throughout a business relationship. At the onset of the association, the report aids in gauging the risks of engaging with the entity. As the relationship develops it assists in determining whether to continue, scale up, or reduce business with the counterparty based on its evolving risk profile.
  4. Due Diligence Requirements: To comply with their policies on due diligence before forming partnerships or extending substantial credit, Company Boards and Risk Management teams can rely on the valuable information provided by the Rubix Business Check report. It also helps demonstrate that the management team has taken appropriate steps to evaluate the counterparty’s risk.
  5. Ensuring Compliance: The Rubix Business Check report helps assess the counterparty’s compliance with statutory requirements such as GST, Provident Fund (PF), or Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) filings. By avoiding working with counterparties that default on these requirements, companies can minimise their financial and reputational risks.

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