When should you use RUBIX?

You can use Rubix to assess the risk of your counter-party right throughout your business relationship:

On-boarding Assessment:

At the time you are considering taking on a new distributor, dealer, customer, franchisee, supplier, vendor or service provider, it is important to undertake an on-boarding risk assessment of the firm.  This could be in the form of:


  • Credit risk assessment and limit setting for your distributors/ dealers/ customers
  • Supplier sustainability assessment for your suppliers and vendors.


If you are a Bank/ Fintech/ NBFC, you should conduct an Identity check (KYC, AML and Compliance) at the time of loan origination followed by an independent credit risk assessment at the loan decisioning stage.

Ongoing Monitoring:

A firm’s risk profile changes quite rapidly, especially in today’s interconnected world and volatile business environment.  A firm that was a low credit risk 3 years ago may be your biggest credit risk today.  Your most critical supplier from 5 years ago may be on the verge of bankruptcy.


In this scenario, it is important to keep close tabs on all constituents of your distribution and supply chain or your borrowers on an ongoing basis. Rubix Monitoring Solutions are designed specifically to meet this need.  Once you sign up with Rubix to monitor your portfolio, you will be able to track changes in the firm’s risk profile and key developments impacting it on the Rubix Automated Risk Management and Monitoring System (ARMS) platform.

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